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PRHA COVID19 Guidelines



Ponoka Rec Hockey Association

2020/2021 COVID 19 Guidelines

Version 2 - Sept. 30, 2020

In addition to AHS and the Town of Ponoka COVID 19 protocols, PRHA is implementing the following guidelines for this hockey season.  These guidelines will remain in place until otherwise notified, with updates being made as necessary.  PRHA members who do not adhere to these guidelines will not be permitted to play.

1)      During this phase of reopening PRHA teams will be built in a manner to allow our group to create cohorts that follow AHS rules.  Under these guidelines our teams will only scrimmage/play games against PRHA teams within their assigned cohort.  Under AHS rules players are only allowed to play with one cohort.  A 14 day isolation period is required should you decide to change cohorts.

NOTE – There will be no away games or visiting teams for home games until further notice. Updates will be made as there are changes to AHS and arena guidelines.

2)      Social distancing must always be practiced.  If social distancing is not possible, follow AHS preventing the spread of COVID guidelines.


3)      Players must come to the arena fully dressed minus skates, helmet, and gloves.  Goalies must be as fully dressed as possible.  Players cannot enter arena earlier than 15 minutes before the scheduled ice time.  Players for all ice times must leave the arena fully dressed, minus skates, helmet and gloves and must vacate the arena immediately after the scheduled ice time.


4)      Prior to each activity, role call will be conducted to ensure the Screening Checklist has been completed.  If there is any doubt as to whether a participant is sick, they must follow AHS protocols.


Ponoka Rec Hockey Association 2020/2021 COVID 19 Guidelines-Cont.


1)      There will be designated doors for entering and leaving the building.  PRHA and all members are to adhere to arena capacity limits set by the town of Ponoka.  Each team will be responsible for ensuring that their team is complying with these requirements.  


2)      On the ice: Coaches will be designing drills to maximize spaces available on the ice.  Players under no circumstances can share water bottles and must make sure bottles clearly identified.


3)      Signing up for PRHA hockey this year means that you agree to comply with rules and guidelines set by AHS. You agree not to send your child to hockey if exhibiting the signs and symptoms on the AHS watch list.  For example, cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, and sore throat.  Should anyone in the family be isolating for a 14 day period you also agree not to send your child to hockey.     


Who is Fun Team Alberta?

FunTeam Alberta acts as our parent organization, as well as our insurance provider. PRHA will register all participants with Fun Team Alberta.

When does the PRHA season run?

PRHA typically starts on the first Monday in October, and wraps up on the first weekend in March.